Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Hibernation...

My days are full.  Sometimes I think that they are too full.  The feeling is compounded by the fact that before the Store, I used this time to recoil, reflect, and reconnect.  It was a time to hunker down for the winter and quietly create while the world, at least my world, was encased in ice and snow.  I'd stock the pantry and fill the cupboards, and not leave the house for weeks on end unless it was absolutely necessary.  To get me to poke my head from my warm little nest was nearly impossible and greeted with a grumpy face.

But I find myself thrust into this new life and trying to adapt as quickly as possible.  Where once my mind was as clear and free as the landscape after a freshly fallen snow... expansive and empty... it's now brimming with deadlines, to-do lists, and hovering obligations that seem to reproduce like rabbits.  When it seems as though I've finished one list, all I need do is flip the page to find another, just as packed and just as dire.

A friend of mine said that starting the Store was a step in a new direction... a life change... and that these moments of conflicting nature and exhaustion are growing pains.  The "pain" is necessary for transformation and ultimately the creation of a better balanced and more aware existence.

I guess it's time to brew some extra strong coffee and wake the hell up!  It's time to embrace the new road ahead and let the old ways melt away.

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