Friday, February 05, 2010

Postcards from the Show...

There is something thrilling about the buzz of a show. I think that there is something very primal about the exchange of beads. The practice goes back as the earliest marker of civilization – before written language, before ceramic pots... before almost anything. Body adornment transcends all cultures. Here, in this place, it feels right. Set against a backdrop of mountains both ancient and new, atop a land drawn up from the sands... it just feels right.

I am constantly being impressed by the work I've seen, both from the vendors and the customers alike. This is truly a convergence of creative energies. I love this. I love meeting all the new people and talking with them, if only for a moment. I am always surprised to hear it, but very appreciative when I do, when someone says that they've stopped by this little corner in the great big world wide web and have spent time with my pictures, my words and my art.
For now... I'll leave you with pictures from the show and from our party. I'll update the captions as time permits, but wanted to share this, my world, with you.

Jill MacKay

Joyce Rooks

Marcy and Eleanor of Ellie Mac

"Kalbach Corner"

Author Emma Bull.

Regal, Marcia DeCoster.

Melinda Barta with Ask Sara.

Jean Campbell skewering shrimp. (I think I've made it a goal to rope at least one bead celebrity into doing something unusual as far as food prep goes for our parties since we first started these annual get-togethers. One year I got Sherri Haab to fill lemon curd filo shells.)

Deb and Melissa of Chevron.

Ask Sara, Andrew Brown, and Jamie Hogsett with Bryan Kitson.

Patti, Sydney, and Joyce Rooks.


Jeannie said...

Thanks Andrew for sharing your pictures and wonderful thoughts with us. It makes me realize how much I miss out on a lot.

kelleysbeads said...

I bought one of Joyce Rooks beads from her in Tucson at the big show two years ago. It sits on my torch table where I can see it every time I sit down to play with fire.

belvedere beads said...

I loved hearing you say that it's all about the ancient-ness of bead swapping. For me I love the ancient process of making glass beads, it's not all that different today than it was then. Gives me the shivers, but then I am a bead-nerd of sorts. It;s freaking freezing here, if you have one to spare, send me a warm, sunny Tuscon thought.

kathyd said...

it was great to see you today .
also nice to chat.

Emma Bull said...

Hi, Andrew! It was great to see you again. And over on the Shadow Unit fan message board, folks are talking about how awesome GG is (including me)!

Patty said...

It was fun talking to you Andrew! I had a blast meeting Jeanette Cook and Joyce Rooks as well. What fun, creative people were there! Safe travels.

RupaB said...

The famous party at the McKinnon residence...I really enjoyed the dinner last year, thank you for making the incredible vegetarian dishes for me and posting the wonderful Tucson pics.