Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter...

In lieu of the holiday (or rather an excuse to leave the house and allow my eyes to adjust to actual daylight), I extricated myself from the salt mines and we made our way over to Jenny and Sisha's apartment for Easter Dinner.  

Above:  A few of the springtime dishes served – morel mushroom pasta, ramps, fingerling potatoes, asparagus, and lamb.  

What an amazing meal!  What amazing company!  It was a really wonderful to get out of the house and feast with friends, old and new.  In another life, one of the places I worked was at a restaurant called 'wichcraft.  It's an upscale sandwich restaurant that places high importance on the best quality ingredients, food that tastes good, and creating the paramount dining experience in a decidedly more casual fashion.  'wichcraft was founded by Tom Colicchio (chef and owner of the Craft family of restaurants and head judge of Bravo TV's, Top Chef), Sisha Ortuzar and Jeffrey Zurofsky.  That's where I met Jenny and Sisha, both really sweet and just down right awesome people.  (Jenny is a fellow bibliophile, who shares a love of fairy tales, comfort food and crafts!)

Above:  Artist, Steve Ellis, ceremonially beheads the chocolate bunny.  Dismembered chocolate bunny was served along with a flourless chocolate cake and a lemon curd and blackberry jam cake that Jenny made with candied flowers and homemade buttercream frosting, and my humble rum cake. 


Unknown said...

Wish there were some wichcraft places and the like here. Need to get out and find some. I dont see any small personal places like that here thus far. NY and Brooklyn I know you get the bestest of the Best...heh I Remember!
Ohhhh and the Bakerys yall have!!!!

Andrew Thornton said...

We are indeed lucky, Janet! I've got access to bakeries of all sorts, from Chinese ones to traditional Russian bakeries, to Italian ones... Hispanic... Jewish... the list goes on and on. I am lucky and do love to take advantage of my good fortune.