Saturday, June 07, 2008

New Things...

Well, it's quite late and I really need to rest up for the last day of the show, but I wanted to briefly fill in on what we've been up to. We had quite an exciting day with all the tornado warnings. They actually kept the customers indoors and wouldn't let them leave.

I got a stash from Lillypilly Designs, a bottle cap pendant from Cathy Collison of Glass Garden Beads, some lampwork beads from Beads by Kathy Perras, lots of brass from Vintaj via Family Glass, an owl from Penny Michelle, and a piece from Joan Miller.  Lots of goodies, but not quite as many since I've been at the booth so much.

We've been going out and catching up with lots of folks after the show closes up. Last night we had Indian. Tonight we had Japanese and celebrated Sak of Saki Silver's birthday at Nanakusa. Then we went out to celebrate Lindsey of Fusion Bead's birthday at Zenden Lounge. It was lots of fun.

But it is really late and I have to go to bed soon.


Jean said...

are you home yet? How are ou feeling? I missed you

Anonymous said...

what a stash! my oh my.
my heart misses you, friend.

may you get lots of rest for your many hours/days/weeks ahead of creating beauties.


Lynn said...

So nice to get home to my own bed and to the comfort of new postings on your blog! It was great to see you at the show. Way too many people to catch up with!

HeatherWynn, WE WANT TO SEE HENRY! A live appearance at B&B is much requested! :)

Melissa J. Lee said...

Hi Andrew,

It was lovely meeting you and Jessica at the show on Sunday. (I need to search your blog still for images of your tarot cards!) I hope you had a safe trip home and have been able to relax a bit after such a hectic week.

(For me, I have been sneaking out my new Green Girl beads from my stash and admiring them periodically.)


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jean! I'm back. I was never really gone. My internet connection may have been limited, but I was far from this blog and the wonderful people I keep in touch with through it.

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Heather Wynn! I had to shop on a budget this year. Not an easy thing to do when there are so many beautiful things to see and acquire. I'm glad you like it. I'm very fortunate to know so many kind and generous people who either gave me presents or gave me big discounts and deals. I'm lucky, I guess, that way.

I hope for a little break too, but it doesn't look that way. Busy as always.

You should come to Bead and Button next year or fly here to New York. That'd be fun!

I miss you too!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Lynn! It was good to see you at the show. You're right that there wasn't enough time. I wish that I had more. The time that we did have to catch up was great! I'll miss you all so much.

I know how you prefer your own bed, but you should come and visit me in New York one of these days.

I also would like to see Henry!