Tuesday, June 24, 2008

La Vie En Rose...

I've been quite behind in my movie watching lately.  For instance, usually I try to make a point of watching all the movies nominated for the Oscars.  Alas, life has been all consuming.  However, I've stolen a few hours (probably ones I could have spent catching up on rest) and watched La Vie En Rose.  The movie is based on the life of Edith Piaf, The Little Sparrow.  I found it heartbreaking and soulful - a movie capturing the aching trials of a tragic and talented performer.  This movie is beautiful.

It reminded me of a summer spent in the studios, sitting around a formica table laden with oranges and wine bottles.  The faint smell of clove cigarettes and Nag Champa wafted around, dancing in the air with each turn of the oscillating electric fan.  My hands were smudged with charcoal and flecked with paint.  In the background, we played Edith Piaf on repeat.  It was the only album we could all agree upon.  The movie brought back many memories.

Below is a YouTube clip of the actual Edith Piaf performing the song the movie was named after, La Vie En Rose:


Anonymous said...

oh ,I love geting to know more about you, my friend.
thank you for sharing....that was so very lovely (ahhhh)
that audience is in serious need of some cocktails though.
"look alive people"


Isabel Isabel said...

My father and I watched this a while ago (I downloaded cos I'm bad) and found the film rather dark and not as great as expected. But he loves Edith Piaf and I like her as well so the music part was great!!