Sunday, November 04, 2007

Between Here And Then...

I haven't updated in a while now. It seems like the only reason I have time to do it now is that I am not feeling well and had to take the day off of work. But the past few days have been very busy.

The next night I went out to New Jersey to help Kathy Callahan with her performance piece. It was a lot of fun. It was good to see a bunch of my college cronies and do something artsy. I liked how the piece sort of just happened in the middle of the opening. No announcement was made. We just started walking in circles around this platform and related our stories about 9/11. We got up on the platform two-by-two and told our stories. All the while, there was an opera singer going, a video piece playing, and this audio tape of background noise on. It was completely chaotic, but ultimately everything sort of just... gel together and made sense. That too was a lot of fun and a very different direction for me. I was happy to be involved.

On Friday, I started back working at the restaurant and it was pretty extreme. A book and editions fair was going on outside and it seemed like there was a never ending line of people streaming in. Needless to say, I was worn out pretty quickly. Even still, we went out to dinner at Motto and went to Bembe to dance a little. I think we're going to try and take salsa lessons or something. Afterwards we went around to a bunch of different bars and local joints to hang out and celebrate.

I called it much earlier night than our previous ones, as I had to be up at Bryant Park for an hour or so before heading over to a different location. Again, it was a lot of work, but I think I helped and that was good. When I finally got out of work, I went over to Neil's apartment on the Upper West Side to celebrate his birthday. He's such a wonderful person and good friend. I got to meet so many fabulous people at the party; it was amazing. I definitely foresee many new wonderful friendships stemming from this event.

However, I got something that didn't agree with my stomach or perhaps a combination of things that together didn't agree with my stomach and... well... let's just say it hasn't been good times. My stomach is still pretty tore up.

I've been working on a lot of projects. Some of them are jewelry related and others deal with my work and curating. Two of the projects that I'm working on right now are coming along pretty nicely and I'm just about ready to pitch them. Hopefully everything will work out.

Right now I'm going to go find some candied ginger for my stomach.


Cynthia Thornton said...

There should be some candied ginger on your table, next to the microwave. Also, its good your back in action!

Andrew Thornton said...

I found it! Thanks so much.

I'm glad to be back in action.

Melissa said...

Hi Andrew,

I just found out on Cynthia's blog that I won the giveaway that you and Cynthia held before Faerie Con. I just wanted to say thank you for holding the contest. I'm completely thrilled to have won - I can't wait to wear one of your original creations!

I hope you feel better soon.


Jean said...

please feel better soon!


Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Melissa,

I'm so happy that you're pleased with your win! Faerie Con was such a blur and then the shows following it were just as much... and then... well, it was just all pretty intense... so I'm glad that we could finally select a winner - YOU!

I don't do too much designing for individual clients these days. Most of the time it's for publications or for competitions. When I do it's all for very select people. So, you'll actually be one of the few to have an original of mine.

I don't want to sound all pretentious or anything, but I just don't simply have time these days to make a lot of jewelry. The same with Cynthia too, really. One of a kind pieces are rare finds. We do it to stay sane, but more often than not those pieces are made only for ourselves... and sometimes our family and close friends.

I'm glad that it'll go to someone who appreciates that!

Andrew Thornton said...

Hey Jean!

I feel better. It was quite a bother and I'm glad that it's over. I'm still not sure what exactly it was that made my stomach turn against me.

One of the owners of the store asked me what happened to me in front of a bunch of customers and it was... well... it was kind of embarassing, but they were regulars so it was too terrible. None-the-less... if I could blush, I would have been scarlet.

Debbie Egizio said...

Amazing illustration!

Andrew Thornton said...

Uhmmmmmm... hmmmmm... thanks, I guess. The photo booth at the Bushwick Country Club made them.

Jean said...

haha. Our nephew Paul has a beautiful photobooth book out which is popular overseas in Europe (Germany). He thought of it way before the film Amelie. They especially love him in Japan as well, from what I recall.

heather said...

oh my! is that the mullet wig.

I miss you

Andrew Thornton said...

Yes, Heather... it's the mullet wig! I rocked that out good.

I miss you also!