Friday, November 09, 2007


Above: Wooden sculpture of Daphne by Thomas Beale.

I was leaving work when I ran into a friend. It's funny how that now she's back, I'll run into her in the strangest places. We live on the same block now, but often times the places we cross paths are in Manhattan or some random place in Brooklyn.

In any event, we decided to head over to Chelsea to take a look at some of the galleries, with the eventual goal of landing at Gagosian for the Georg Baselitz show. On our way there, we passed a building on 11th Avenue between 21st and 22nd Street that had a unique wood facade. Within it was a guy who gestured for us to come and take a look.

That guy turned out to be an artist named Thomas Beale. Inside, we took a look at his wooden sculptures and drawings.

Apparently he made a deal with the owner of the building who has plans to level it and turn it into condos to use the space until that time as studio space and during warmer weather, a gallery in exchange for work. What a great deal!

Most of his sculptures were composed of tiny pieces of wood that were fitted and shaped together. Some of them were made of shell. His hollow structures were luminous and his solid constructions weighty and massive. All of the pieces felt warm and organic, almost as though they were living and growing - becoming.

Before we headed over to the gallery, Thomas made us this really great toasted and aged green tea from Japan and he and his friend Mickey Western played us some music. My friend and I had an amazing time sipping on tea, looking at work, and listening to great music. Such great people! Make sure to check out the show before it closes on the 17th.

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