Wednesday, June 03, 2020


It’s an uncertain time right now... ... BUT ... One thing is certain, LOVE IS LOVE!

Today William asked me to marry him. And I said, YES!!! Of course I did!!! We’ve built a beautiful life together and this is just another milestone in this journey. Instead of engagement rings, William had two sterling silver beads made by Anne Choi! Anne is a dear family friend and a super talented metalsmith and artist. When William and I started dating, we had an inside joke, where I told him that he could buy my love with Anne Choi beads. LOL! Like the good man that he is, he listened! Every once in awhile I’ll get a bead to mark a special occasion. (I’ve amassed quite the collection over the 12 years we’ve been together.) Anne doesn’t take custom orders, so this was extra special. She even sent the broken mold. So no other beads will be made quite like this one.
What do they say? “Petit a petit les deux oiseaux font leur nid.” It means, “little by little two birds build a nest.” If you’ve been following along with our journey with Allegory Gallery, then you know the original French saying has played a special role in our lives. The bead features a variation of the quote, one with TWO birds instead of just one.
❤️❤️ I know right now there’s a lot of anger and darkness. There’s a lot of sorrow and grief. As much as it’s a sobering reminder that there’s more work to be done, it is also a reminder that life is precious. Nothing is certain. And in the darkest hours is the time when the light is needed the most. Love will prevail! ❤️❤️
I was so happy that I ugly cried on the kitchen floor. I was so moved by the kindness and thoughtfulness William put into his proposal. He wanted to wait for a special moment, but being together now in the world that we live in is more than special enough!


Suzanne said...

I’m a long time reader/lurker and have followed your journey. I’m so happy for you and William - congratulations! The beads are so special. My husband and I hope to do a bit of a tour through the US in the near future - hopefully we’ll get the chance to visit Ligonier and your gallery on our travels. Wishing you the brightest future.

~cryss said...

Catching up on blogs.
CONGRATULATIONS, I am so happy for you both.
Live long and love longer.