Friday, August 03, 2018

Healing Arrow Point Pendant...

Healing Arrow Point Pendant by Andrew Thornton and Cynthia Thornton
Let's face it, modern day living can wear one down mentally and physically. It can be abrasive and make even the most cherished of times lackluster. But we believe that if you focus on the positive and concentrate your energy, even the most troubling of times can turn around.

We created this pendant as a talisman. It is a touchstone and a reminder to focus on positive, healing energies all around us. The distinctive arrowhead shape directs good energy right into the heart. The web motif, reminiscent of sacred geometry, acts as a dream catcher, attracting and capturing positive thoughts and feelings. The bezel-set stone absorbs and radiates the transformational affirmation. Believe. Heal. Create.

The pendant was handcrafted by me and my sister, Cynthia Thornton of Green Girl Studios, in the mountains of North Carolina. It is composed of lost wax cast bronze and has a nice, comforting heft.  Each pendant from this limited-edition series measures approximately 6.25 cm X 3.5cm. This pendant also features a hand-set stone that was hand selected and carefully meditated over. The stone, hugged by a fine silver bezel, is a luscious, rose-cut garnet that has a lot of depth and romance. I felt the earthly dark red of the stone complimented the honey-toned bronze nicely.

A little over two years ago, Cynthia and I collaborated on the idea and design.  Cynthia then carved the wax masters that were then molded and the original series was cast in sterling silver by her husband (Greg Ogden).  For this round, we wanted to work in bronze.  Bronze has a beautiful golden warmth and has a long history that stretches back millennia.  Once the pendants were cast, I then bezel-set the stone and polished and burnished the pendant by hand.  During the creation of these pieces, it was important to all of the artists involved to keep their minds focused on positive thoughts and good intentions. We hope that the wearer of this piece enjoys it and that it brings the owner much luck, love, prosperity, abundant healing energy, and is a repository and amplifier of positive energy.

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