Friday, September 15, 2017

Pantone Spring 2018 London Fashion Color Trend Report...

The final Pantone Spring Color Report usually comes out near the end of the month after all the big shows have wrapped up.  Can't wait that long?  That's okay! They've just announced the Pantone Spring 2018 London Fashion Color Trend Report.  This report covers the top twelve colors that hit the runway in the UK.

Here's a little bit about what they said, "The desire for colorful self-expression is a key take away for Spring 2018.  Similar to observations made by Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman in our NY Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report, designers for the UK market are comparably responding to the consumer's growing appetite for flexibility in color expression by introducing more unusual colors and color stories in their collections for Spring 2018.  Overall there is a feeling of optimism and confidence driving a new vitality into fashion trends."  To read all of it, CLICK HERE.

Like the New York report, the London version included a "core basics".  The palette of the neutrals was the same as in New York.

Speaking of things being similar, there were a few colors that were transatlantic chart toppers!  Seven of the top twelve colors that appeared in London also appeared in New York.  To be fair, New York's "Chili Oil" has a similar vibe as London's "Spiced Apple".  The most noticeable differences come with London's "Nile Green" and New York's "Arcadia" and London's "Palace Blue" and New York's "Little Boy Blue".  Additionally, New York has a solid brown color with "Emperador" while London has a slightly softer, more pastel, traditional spring palette with variations of dusty pinks.
Pantone New York Fashion Color Trend Report ("X" marks show crossovers)
Pantone London Fashion Color Trend Report
The question now is... which colors will stick around for the final Spring Color Report?  Do you have any early predictions for Color of the Year?

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