Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Spring Days...

I awake to the sound of birds singing and the smell of fresh, clean air blowing through the window.  The curtains dance lazily in the breeze.  I spend quiet hours tending flowers, learning about the little plot of land surrounding our new home, and observing the bunnies and squirrels. I'm befriending the creatures that coexist with us.  I've been taking time to examine my heart and the contents of my dreams.  It's a rare and somewhat unfamiliar pleasure.  While I have not been wholly exempt from contributing to our household and working on the odd project, there's a beauty in the simplicity of these spring days.  I've luxuriated in allowing myself to prepare meals that nurture the soul and not just the body.  I've given myself permission to sleep in, if the mood strikes me.  And most of all... I've let myself enjoy silence.  My voice will sometimes crack from being so unused.

For the past few years, this really hasn't been an option.  I spent most days working relentlessly and laying a foundation for a future I am now exploring.  To the outsider, it might seem as though I'm wasting away in my self-imposed hermitage, but I feel myself blossoming.  I can feel parts of me coming to life again, just like the flowers laying dormant over winter, now unfurling from sleep and reaching up leafy limbs.

I can feel the energy building and growing.  Soon, I'll return to a little more frenzied pace... but for the time being, I'm fully relishing this bright, verdant period.


Unknown said...

Such joy in reading your lovely eloquent words! I love everything you wrote and rejoice in all that you're doing ♥

Shai Williams said...

There is wonder in finally allowing yourself time to recharge. To learn who you are at this point in time. There is no waste in this.