Thursday, October 15, 2015

Lunar Eclipse Challenge Reveal...

Today is the reveal for the Lunar Eclipse Challenge.  As always, I'm filled with much gratitude to see so many people acquire the kits and transform the raw components into something magical.  Each piece is different and unique and I always look forward to seeing what people will make.

The color palette for this challenge started off being inspired by smoky quartz and developed into a lovely autumn array of burnt golds, browns, and warm grays.  To read more about the inspiration CLICK HERE.  The kits also included a Mystery Component.  You can read about that by CLICKING HERE.

And without further ado... here's the reveal:

This necklace was made by Julie Tomes.  Here's what she had to say:  "Okay, here is my necklace!  I loved the colors in this kit.  They were very autumny.  I just wanted to make a simple necklace that could be worn with anything.  I was really excited when I realized a copper moon that I had previously made was a perfect compliment to the design I had in mind."

I made this necklace.  For the base of the necklace I used the smoky quartz rectangles and the vintage seed beads.  For the focal, I embellished a chain with wire-wrapped dangles.  The focal has a lot of movement and it just dances!  Often times I get folks who are curious about what to do with the vintage sequins that I include in the Luxury Bead Blends.  Here's an example of what can be done.  It gives just a hint of color.  

But wait... there's even more to see! Check out what these participants made for the Lunar Eclipse Challenge:
Up next is a Special Challenge to honor October as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I hope you'll join us to see all the beautiful creations made with the Brave Angel kit.  I have scheduled this reveal for Thursday, October 29th!  We will also be doing auctions on some of the creations, so be sure to join us in acquiring some really cool creations.

ALSO... keep your eyes peeled for the next kit that will be released TOMORROW!  The kit is called, "Evergreen".  


Unknown said...

This was such a great kit. They all are, but I'm always bursting to say it because I love them!

Julie's necklace is beautiful! I love the chain highlighting so many beautiful beads and the moon she made is absolutely perfect! I love it.

Andrew's necklace is lovely. That strand of smoky quartz was a favorite of mine, and I love dangles of all kinds. I find myself making necklaces that like that I can reach up and touch during the day. I also love that you showed how to use the sequins. I love the sequins in the kit.

Alison Adorns said...

Thanks Andrew for an amazing kit! Your necklace is the perfect amount of jingle jangle and glamor!
Julie, lovely moon focal piece! Nice job on your necklace!

baymoondesign said...

I loved everything in this kit. Julie and Andrew both have amazing necklaces. Well done both of you!

Empty nester at last said...

Beautiful! I love both day I hope to participate in one of these, but right now life is in the way. Keep them coming Andrew, you make such amazing kits and really push us to step outside our box!

Paula, Chief Bead Officer said...

Hi Andrew, I love the focal on your necklace. I think one of your signatures are the wrapped dangles and you always seem to integrate them in a playful way. Thanks so much for the time and work you put into these kits. It's so fun to see what everyone creates!