Sunday, August 02, 2015

The After Midnight Studio...

I should make a sign that says, "The After Midnight Studio" and hang it over the work bench, because it seems like I don't get a chance to work there much until well after the clock strikes twelve.

I took a slight departure from making rings with the bronze coins I make.  I decided to instead set some things from my collection.  It's interesting to dig through my stash with this purpose in mind.

Here are my most recent rings:

This ring is sterling silver with a Venetian glass cab.  I've always liked Venetian cane work.  It reminds me of a patched quilt.  You can't really tell from the picture, but I gave the bezel a little bit of a scrub with heavy sandpaper, and a bit of steel wool to give it a brushed metal look.

One of my first "stone crushes" was labradorite.  This ring is sterling silver and features an extra flashy labradorite oval.  I just acquired it when we were down in North Carolina.

Among other things, I collect Russian porcelain.  It's not a big collection, but I adore how charming the pieces are.  Everything is hand-painted and so detailed.  This ring is sterling silver with a porcelain bird in the flower branches.

I set a piece of chiastolite.  It's a form of andalusite that's also known as "cross stone" or "fairy cross".  It's pretty obvious how the stone got those names.  Pieces include this unique cross pattern.  It's said that these stones are good for protection, balance, luck, and to boost creativity.  It almost reminds me of something one of the more fashion forward X-Men would wear.

I'm going to continue to keep scouring my collecting and finding interesting things to work with.  I'm having a blast making rings!

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