Sunday, June 21, 2015

Classes with Kieu: Day Three...

Today was our last day hosting Kieu in Ligonier.  We learned all about how to create bezel settings for stones.  I was particularly excited about this class and was one of the main reasons why I wanted her to come out here.  I'm a smitten kitten with rings, especially rings with stones.  Now that I know how to properly do it, all kinds of gears are turning in my brain!

In this picture, students are watching Kieu demonstrate how best to hold the bezel-setting tool.

These are the rings that I created in class!  The first ring I made was the simple labradorite ring.  I wanted to practice to get my technique down before I risked anything more advanced.  I then went on to make the aquamarine ring on the left.  I granulated fine silver balls and attached them around the bezel.  I'm quite happy with what I made and learned!

I wanted to thank Kieu for coming out to Ligonier and for sharing her jewelry insight.  She's a wonderful teacher and has a fun, sassy sensibility.  I also wanted to thank Main Exhibit Gallery for allowing us to use their new classroom space.  I especially want to thank all the fellow students who attended!  Without you guys, this kind of programming could not exist.  So we appreciate each one of you and your support of arts education in the community!

Keep your eyes peeled!  We had such a good time with Kieu that we're going to plan another Weekend Intensive!

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Alison Adorns said...

OOOOHH I am soooo jealous i couldn't make the last class!!!! But, I had tons of fun in the first classes and will wear my new silver jewelry with pride! Kieu, thanks for being an awesome teacher and advisor! Andrew, thanks for such an amazing opportunity to learn from a master right here in Ligonier!