Tuesday, May 05, 2015


One of the very first places that I visited upon my introductory trip to Asheville, was the Botanical Gardens.  Cynthia and Greg got married there.  When I think back to that initial visit, what strikes me most is how it marked a period of coming together.  Before that, each of us sort of led our own lives and while we were connected to one another through our parents and the occasional awkward phone call, the distance between us was palpable.

Over the years, this place has been one I associate with family.  We used to go down by the creek with our sketchbooks and draw for hours.  We'd walk the trails when we'd hit a creative block and needed fresh air.  We would comb the banks and collect pebbles and bits of tumbled glass.  On hot days, Azalea would put on her bathing suit and splash around, cooling off in the water.  We would picnic under the shade of trees and watch other people with other families.

Our trip today was another installment in our history with this place.  We walked the paths, William and I identifying familiar plants and marveling at ones not common to Pennsylvania.  Max ran around spotting frogs in the water and knocking on "troll doors".  Cynthia commented on various flowers, noting unusual colorings or interesting shapes.

Below are a few images of flowers that I snapped along the way...

Even though it is many miles from where I grew up and in a place I no longer live, I still think fondly of this little patch of earth.  For me it is a touchstone to family and memories and I'm glad I could share it today with William.

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