Friday, December 26, 2014

Fathom Art Exhibition...

Our next show on the Project Wall at Allegory Gallery is a group show!  I'm really excited. We have an excellent line-up of artists from across the country.  We will be featuring returning artists that we have shown before, like Todd Beisel, Diane Hawkey, Junker Jane, Shirleah Kelly, Cynthia Thornton, and Elise Wells.  We will also be welcoming new-to-the-gallery artists, Wendy Wallin Malinow, LaLa Ortiz, Deborah Petronio, and Les Plinko.

The upcoming show is titled, "Fathom" and will be made up of mermaid-themed artwork!  We picked the name "Fathom" because it plays double duty.  On one hand, the word means an underwater measurement.  On the other, it also means an understanding or an imagining.  I think it's apt when talking about mermaids.

Not only will we have the Project Wall loaded down with mermaid artwork, but we'll also have several different bead artists represented who work with the fantastical motif.  We'll be revealing who is participating as time goes on!

The show opens Saturday, January 24th!  So mark your calendars and if you're in the area, stop by!  If you can't make it, you can always see the works online!

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