Monday, August 26, 2013

The BeadFest Goods...

One of my favorite parts of the big shows doesn't actually happen at the show, but when one gets home.  While there's a pang of sadness for not being surrounded by your "tribe", you also get to go through all your goodies acquired throughout the trip.  When you spread everything out, all thoughts of hurting feet and an aching back disappear and all you are left with is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction.

So here's a sampling of what we got...

Here are some fine pewter from my family at Green Girl Studios.  These are just some of the new designs!  I love all the open lattice work and lacy designs!

These are new Art Metal Components by Anju from The Bead Place.  The contrast in metal colors really makes these organic charms pop!

Check out the lampwork glass beads from Sue Kennedy!  Some of them have large holes and can fit the Pandora-style bracelets.

Isn't this urchin-textured lampwork glass "Bead of the Year" from Genea Knable fun?  This one is going in my private collection!

Another master of the earthy and organic is Staci Klinger Smith.  Take a look at this crackle-glazed porcelain focal pendant by her.

Aren't these just juicy? Diane Hawkey mixes deliciously saturated glazes with rustic glazes for an updated ancient look!  I love the iridescent highlights that she has been adding!

Light and pretty, these hollow porcelain beads are from Nancy Adams of RoundRabbit.  I love the motifs!

"Cute" in a good way, these paisley lampwork glass bird beads in bright colors are from Patti Cahill.

These are boulder opals from Kia.  I love Kia's stuff.  It's always a surprise at her booth.  She's got the earthiest and most lovely rough stones.  Look closely to see how the brown, wood-grained stone has swirls of pale blues and flashing greens.

These new rings are also from Kia; these ones are set with aquamarine, kyanite, and sapphire.  These were an early birthday present from William.  If people like them, I am considering carrying them in the shop.  This picture does not do the kyanite justice!  There are no inclusions and it's perfectly clear.  The stone is dark blue and I originally thought it was a London Blue Topaz or a sapphire.  I was deeply surprised to find out that it was in fact a kyanite!

This is William's new ring by Kia.  It is set with greenish-blue kyanite and dravite tourmaline.  It's a whisky brown with shocks of burnt orange and flecks of green.

I've wanted to get some of these for awhile now.  I figured that since the color of the year is emerald, I might as well!  These are iridescent Beetle shells.

Done in the style of Lou Zeldis, these are carved blackwood rings.

It might be hard to believe, but we've sold out of all of our wolf teeth beads.  I had to restock them when I had the chance!

I adore the purple and white cowrie shell beads.  In some parts of the world these act as currency.

Always on the look out for unusual beads, I found these water buffalo teeth pendants.

Here are some Tibetan-style capped and inlaid resin beads.  I love the warm, rich amber color.  They've got such a wonderful feel.

These are Tibetan-style inlaid conch shell beads with crushed coral and turquoise.

I picked up some new metal Buddha head beads.  They are hollow, which makes them extremely lightweight.


Amy F said...

You got some great stuff. I fell in love with those carved wood rings too -- would make great earrings!

Erica F. said...

HELLO! Drool...:) Boulder opals...those rings...I wear dravite to keep me grounded on some days....beetle shells?...wolves teeth!...water buffalo teeth?
Be still my heart! LOL! You have awesome taste!

Jeanne @ Gems By Jeanne Marie said...

Great Finds!
I can't wait to spread out my loot when I return home from a show - no matter how tired I am. :)

Anonymous said...

I love seeing everyone's Bead Fest finds. You've got some great ones! My new goodies are spread out all over the coffee table. Hope to get some photos tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Everything is just beautiful! I know you went home quite happy!! I loveeee Geneas urchin!