Monday, July 01, 2013

Class with Maria Richmond...

Here's a candid shot of Maria Richmond's class this past Saturday at the Annex!  I was fortunate enough to get away from the store to take her Buttoned Up Pendant class.  I had a wonderful time and really enjoyed the class.  Maria is such a thorough, knowledgeable and humble teacher.

Here's what all the students made!  Aren't they all nice!  I think they turned out awesome!  If you're asking yourself, "What's that pair of earrings doing in there?"  Maria also taught the Brio Scribbles Earrings class earlier that day.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of everyone's earrings from the morning session, but borrowed a pair that Julie made to make a cameo in this shot.

After class, a group of us went to Mountain Palace.  Over dumplings and jasmine tea, we penciled in two more classes that Maria will be teaching!  On Sunday, July 21st, she'll be teaching her Twist of the Wrist Class and on Sunday, August 11th, she'll be teaching her Resistance is Futile Class.  If you're interested in taking these either of these classes, you can sign up in-person at Allegory Gallery or online.  (But don't delay, I have a feeling that these classes will fill up fast!)  CLICK HERE to see the other classes that we're offering.

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Kathleen Lange Klik said...

The pendants (and earrings) are stunning-well done everyone! Maria is the bomb-I had a blast meeting her last summer at Bead Fest-and I bet her classes are just as much fun! Thanks for sharing.