Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beads of Courage Party...

The idea of going to a party after working all day can sometimes be not so appealing... especially on a very chilly evening.  But this particular party was for Beads of Courage and their 10 year anniversary and the cause was really great!  They do so much and make such an impact on the lives of children going through very hard times.  As a cancer survivor, their mission is very near and dear to my heart.  So we got our coffee, donned our heavier coats and made our way out to the Metal Arts Village for the celebration.

When we arrived, we were greeted by the soulful music of The Tryst.  They were playing in a pavilion in the parking lot and provided a pleasant auditory backdrop for the evening's fun.
One of the many reasons that we attended was that Beads of Courage commissioned my family at Green Girl Studios to create their new Courage Tiger bead!  The fine pewter bead captures the fun and fierce spirit of their mascot.  It has a nice size and weight to it, and is an awesome way to show your support for this amazing cause.  If you'd like to get your own Courage Tiger Bead, CLICK HERE.   (Photo courtesy of Brian Arnold.)

It was a really fun event and there were so many friends from the beading community in town for the Gem Show that were in attendance to show their support.  Featured in this picture are: Katie Hacker, Kristal Wick, and Kate Richbourg.  The night was studded with all kinds of talent, including one of the residents of the Metal Arts Village who just happened to be Greg's estranged sculpture teacher from college!  What are the chances?

We had a wonderful time and feel fortunate to be able to participate in such a worthwhile activity.  Make sure to swing by the Beads of Courage Facebook page and "like" them.  You can visit their page by CLICKING HERE.

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