Thursday, December 22, 2011

Artists Helping Artists Silent Auctions...

You might have noticed that there are three different (recent) posts titled "Artists Helping Artists" on this blog, featuring three different artists for three different auctions.  Confused yet?

Instead of having one post with all three of the silent auctions going on at once, I've separated things out into three different posts.  Each silent auction comes with its own distinct prize.  In these posts, you'll find a very special necklace by me (Andrew Thornton), a beautiful ceramic Spirit Rattle by Nan Emmett and a very chic necklace by Maria Richmond.  You can bid on one or ALL of the auctions, if you like.

CLICK HERE to vist my auction.
CLICK HERE to visit Maria's auction.
CLICK HERE to visit Nan's auction.

While there are three different auctions going on – all of the money goes to one good place.  The funds raised go to Penny of SparrowSalvage.  She was in a horrible car accident and was injured; she also lost her mother in the accident.  She didn't ask for us to help, but we banded together to help make this hard time a little easier.  The three of us were not alone!  There are also several other artists who are participating, but (thankfully and less confusingly) on their own blogs or partnered with a friend.  Definitely check out their beautiful work:

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