Saturday, August 09, 2008

Note to Self...

My sister, Cynthia, said that I should make a list of all the things that I'd like to do while I am on  vacation in Asheville.  I had a good start.  Eventually though, I got a little distracted.  Instead I started dreaming up different perfume recipes.  While unpacking, I found a sampler kit of different fragrances.  They were preserved in wax, so as to keep the scents longer, truer and more clear.  So, I broke out my wax melter and started experimenting.

The primary notes would be made up of:
Bourbon Island/Madagascar Vanilla 
Mexican Vanilla 
Tahitian Vanilla
Spanish Amber

It would be accented with hints of:
Bartlett Pear
Tunisian Jasmine

It smelled warm and rich, but wasn't too heavy.  The pear added a nice bit of crisp fruit, as the jasmine complimented the floral undertones of the vanilla beans.  It breathed sweetness and lightness.  It reminded me a lot of baking a pear tart...

Note to Self:  The perfume recipe sounds a lot like the limited edition Haagen Daz ice cream you so much love.  You must be running low.  Visit grocery store immediately!


-thomas jay said...

If your creative scents are anything like your culinary out Dior.

note to self-don't eat the good smelling wax.

Andrew Thornton said...

Cynthia and I were talking about this last night and we noticed that we both like food smelling perfumes the best. Like, who doesn't want to smell like a cookie?