Monday, January 01, 2018

Animal Charm Bracelet...

A few months ago, I was commissioned to create a charm bracelet for an animal lover.  They wanted a menagerie of animal charms to adorn their wrist.  I just love charm bracelets!  They have such a narrative quality.  I remember looking through a friend's collection of antiques and estate jewelry once and my friend had this amazing charm bracelet from a young woman's trip across Europe.  Each little charm was purchased along the way and included drilled train tokens and foreign currency.  When I looked at the bracelet, it was like I was following along with her on her journey.  Charm bracelets have such a wonderful collected feel.

I decided to use sterling silver charms from Nina Designs.  They have a great selection of animal charms that were perfect for this project.  (We carry some of them in the shop and started listing a few of them online.) The base chain that forms the foundation of the bracelet that the charms dangle from was actually two different kinds of sterling silver chain that I've been hoarding for years.  I ended up taking apart all the links and reconfiguring them into one chain.  The wearer is active, so I used a lobster claw clasp as the closure.

I quite like the finished piece.  It has a lot of movement and each little pendant is so charming.  (No pun intended!)


Katie Oskin said...

This is absolutely ADORABLE! I love animals too ... *SWOON*

Chelle said...

Oh how I love this. That Hummingbird charm... LOVE.