Thursday, January 19, 2017

Marching Baby Dragon...

Pussyhat Project Baby Dragon by Andrew Thornton.  SOLD
I won't be able to march on Saturday, but I wanted to show my support for the Women's March on Washington (and other major cities) and the Pussyhat Project.  I believe that women's rights are equal rights. I am a supporter and an ally.  I created this baby dragon sculpture sporting the iconic pink hat out of polymer clay to represent my commitment to the cause!

Alternative views of the Pussyhat Project Dragon by Andrew Thornton.
To start, I layered a mixture of polymer clays over an armature to create the sculpture.  I work in an additive/subtractive style, building up clay and taking it away as necessary.  Focusing on larger shapes first, I add progressively detailed layers as I work.  Texture is applied at every step.  Once the sculpting is finished and cured, I then add color with paints and pigments.  I paint in a similar fashion to the way I sculpt – establishing shadows first and then color blocking the major areas, and then going back and building up gradations of color.  Then I create highlights to accentuate the details and embellish with metallics.  I use heat to set the paints and finally, once everything is dried and cooled, I seal the piece.  It's not really necessary to seal the sculpture, as the paints are pretty durable, but I like to add it as a protective measure.

Close-ups of the face of the sculpture by Andrew Thornton.
While most of the sculpture is made of polymer clay, I do use glass taxidermy eyes.  I really like the depth and shine you can get with glass.  I've experimented with polymer to make eyes and while they're perfectly fine, I like the contrast of materials and even though it is a small detail, I think it enhances the overall look of the piece.

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