Sunday, May 22, 2016

Doreen Kassel Workshop: Day One...

The Pittsburgh Polymer Clay Guild hosted a fabulous workshop with sculptor and illustrator, Doreen Kassel.  I was lucky enough to grab a spot.  On Day One we focused on learning her techniques for making her Uncommon Creatures.

Here's a snapshot of Doreen demoing her sculpting techniques with polymer clay.

It was a great turn out!  What a warm and friendly group!  People came from all over the country to take the workshop!  Some of the folks who attended were long time polymer clay artists and some were completely new!  It was an interesting mix of characters!

Speaking of characters, this is the piece that I made!  Here it is before it was painted.

And here it is all painted up!  It was interesting to see how she does surface treatments.  It's a wonderful technique that has a lovely glow and gives the pieces a muted vibe.  It's definitely something that I'd like to explore further!

These were some of the creatures that the other students made!  So cool!  So diverse!  It's interesting to see just how everyone took the same concepts and came up with completely different looking pieces!

Whenever I take a workshop, I like to get a little something from the instructor.  It's a nice way for me to commemorate the experience and add to my little collection of prizes! Here's a little bunny fellow that I picked up from Doreen!  I'm smitten with it!

I'm looking forward to Day Two of workshop!  Doreen will be showing how to make her pods.  I've had a long-time fascination with pods and seeds, so this will be an excellent way to add to my repertoire.

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Ann Schroeder said...

This looks like a wonderful workshop. I'm glad you are having fun. I LOVE your unusual creature; it looks so friendly. One of those magical characters you wish were real. Love Doreen's bunny too. I look forward to seeing your pods. I love pod beads and I also buy pod pottery.