Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Things I've Made...

It's not very often that I get two days off in a row nowadays.  I usually find some kind of errand or task that must be taken care of with great urgency and that eats into my creative time.  Fortunately for me, I had Sunday and Monday off!  While I did have some things that I had to attend to, I mostly had time to make things... and make things I did!

I made some polymer clay sugar skull ornaments/pendants.  I made a set a few months ago and had many requests to make more!  I'm parting with these guys for $25 each.

I finally cast the cat heads that I sculpted a few months ago, sanded them down, drilled them out, and painted the feline-themed beads.  These beads are $18 each.

After I made the sugar skulls, I decided to make polymer clay "sugar bones" to match.  They are drilled in the middle, from top to bottom, making the bones lay horizontally.  These come with the sugar skulls complimentary.

I also had time to try my hand at GlassClay.  I was hesitant to try it out.  The firing schedule seemed pretty daunting and an earlier experiment did not yield good results.  I tried it again and made these rustic-themed beads.  I wasn't smitten with them, so I jazzed them up with a little bit of gold-colored heat-set paint.

I even managed to make some more polymer clay beads.  They're big!  The seven that I made are pretty lightweight and easy to incorporate into a project.


Anonymous said...

What a treat!! These are all SO fun and Cool!!! Love the skulls, bones & large beads. Gets me excited for Fall...;)

Shai Williams said...

What great designs! Love those sugar skulls and bones.

Unknown said...

love the sugar skulls, bones are a bonus too!!