Monday, January 07, 2013

Holiday Gift Exchange Part 2...

I have been told that 80% of U.S. population is exhibiting some sort of flu-like symptom at the moment.  While I'm not in full-blown snot festival mode, I'm still recovering.  It's nothing serious.  At least I don't think it is.  It's just a lingering (and now infrequent) cough and a general lack of energy.  I know that the key to getting better is rest.  My mother can attest that I have never been one to listen to good sense... and thusly, I'm prolonging whatever is inhabiting my airways and my life.

But without further ado, here is the latest installment:

This gift comes courtesy of Tara Linda.  I haven't actually met Tara in person, but over the years, it has felt as though I have.  Isn't it weird, when even though a country separates you, there's still a strange and unfounded sense of familiarity and closeness?  I can't explain it.  I do know that I listen to her music while I make art and am thankful of our virtual friendship.  If you're interested in checking out her music, CLICK HERE.

Tara sent a lovely print from Stephanie Pui-Mun Law.  While I haven't met Tara, I have met Stephanie.  If you're interested in reliving the moment back in 2007, you can CLICK HERE or visit her WEBSITE.
Along with the print, Tara sent a collection of jewelry-making gifts.  She sent a selection of Buddhist pendants, large-holed pearls, root beer glass beads, polished fire agates, and raku pieces from Wondrous Strange Designs.  You can visit their WEBSITE and check out the article that she wrote about them HERE.
The next set of gifts come courtesy of Jayne Capps aka Boot-C.  She's another virtual friend that I haven't met in person, but have corresponded with over the years.  Jayne sent a handmade book of recycled papers, two beaded fairy creatures, two friendship bracelets and a CD of Funky Christmas music.  I'm really thankful for the friendships that have lasted years and transcended both time and space.  I feel really fortunate.
The last gift of this installment comes from Christina Porter.  I got to know Christina through her participation in the 2011 Readers' Challenges.  She faithfully participated month after month.  I enjoyed seeing what she made and how she transformed the set ingredients into something truly amazing.  Christina didn't disappoint with her stunning Steampunk-style cuff that she sent.  It's full of movement and is definitely a show piece.

I really appreciate all the gifts.  I'm closer to finishing and sending out the reciprocating gifts.  I hope that people enjoy them.  They're not anything really fancy... just stuff that I made with my heart and hope folks enjoy.

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Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Oooh, what fun goodies!
It's really interesting to see the variety of gifts that you are getting!
DAY= *8* of me living on my couch with a cough/stuffy nose. It's allergy rather than flu but it drains, none the less!

Your blog installments have been a great source of diversion for me and I do look forward to more, when you get around to it!

Thank you for sharing!