Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've been making a lot of progress recently with my lists!  It's paying off and I am finally starting to  see real improvement.  But before I can really continue, I need to start making more room.  I really want to make my working spaces functional and less cluttered for the next chapter.  In fact, I need to before I can start.

So, before I start up the Destash Sale again, I'm going to try and clear house on existing items as much as possible.  I'm going to have a 50% off everything in my online Shop Sale!  Hopefully I'll be able to free up space in my shop for the next wave of Destash items!  Use coupon code, "SUMMERSALE" to receive your discount!

All of the extra funds will go towards purchasing equipment and materials for "the next chapter".  For now, I will keep things under wraps until they are ready, but I've got some exciting plans in the works.  (Don't I always?)  I will have to skim over the actual totals raised and not look too closely at what things are going for, because some of the things in the shop are already marked down ridiculously low.  But it'll feel good to give these lovely things new happy homes and hopefully spread a little joy in the process.  So hopefully you can find something you like and enjoy the massive discounts!  CLICK HERE to visit my online shop.  (The discount applies to ALL ITEMS in my online shop, not just the Destash Sale Section.)

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