Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Destash Begins...

The Destash Sale begins!  I've added the first 25 products to the Destash Sale.  Most of them are rings.  Did you know that I collect rings?  I don't wear very many of them and have gotten some of them just because I liked the look of them.  I've also inherited several other people's ring collections and I thought it was time that I started to free the rings to good homes.

I will be continuing to add things as I can find the time.  Adding things in sets of 25 sounds reasonable.  Don't worry!  I will combine shipping and will refund the additional shipping charges if I see more than one order.  I have boxes and boxes of things to add!  So if you like something, snap it up so that I'll have space in my online shop to add more!  CLICK HERE to check out the Destash Sale.

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