Monday, October 17, 2011


The Word of the Week for this past week was "Sanctuary".  I had several options for this word.  One reader suggested that I post a necklace I created that featured the word sanctuary prominently.  Another said that I might consider taking pictures of Allegory Gallery.

But I thought about it and decided to share a sanctuary that is very near and dear to me... my blog.

If you're a long-time reader of my blog, you might have noticed the lack of activity of it.  Generally I post everyday – sometimes several times a days!  However, I've only been posting a couple of times a week recently.  It's not because I haven't wanted to, but because I am finding a way to reconnect in a positive way, without succumbing to the cacophony of negativity that has been bombarding me recently.

Without going into too many details, as my goal is to stay positive, I've been faced with what seems like one problem after another and I've been putting out fires left and right.  If it was just one thing, it wouldn't even phase me.  But the combination of all the little barbs does in fact wear a person down.

Despite all the obstacles, I am able to count my blessings.  I have a beautiful network of supportive and caring individuals who have helped tremendously to get me through the hard times and actualize my dreams and make my plans a reality.  I hope that the people who have helped know who they are and how special they are.


Alice said...

Think about how strong you will be when you come out the other side of this.

Thank goodness for friends and family who are always there to help.

Therese's Treasures said...

People can be so cruel, but this will pass and you will prevail. There are so many more that support your endeavors, then those that are against you. Keep your chin up and don't let the few get you down.

Simbelmynë said...

Andrew, Thank you for your positivity last weekend. I'm sitting here on my blog rethinking to try and get a new start.
Love, Cathy, you're new best friend.

Sharon Driscoll said...

Hey My Friend - You've been through a lot. Let's see, move, cancer, change of job (mostly), opening a Gallery and Store, poor Max's illness. Now - if those were given a stress rating it would be a shocker for you to still be up and walking. Yet, you move step at a time.

If people can not say something nice then delete their message. It's not that you are looking for only people will to blow smoke up your fanny. But people who care will always find a kind way to express disappointment or disagreement. One that allows both parties dignity to agree to disagree. Those are friends.

The others - well, it sounds like personality issues, a little jealousy, a little displaced anger, and so on.

Remind them you are not a target - thank them for their input but ask them to use the golden rule or understand clearly that you will have to disagree and can not accept any immature discourse.

Okay - that's my dollar's worth!
Keep going young man - you are doing just fine.